We are excited to announce the debut of Mirel Wagner for a October 2011 release outside of Finland/Scandinavia. We also gonna have this on deep black vinyl format, which is issued in cooperation with the good people at excellent vinyl-only-label Svart Records (Finland)

PK & Janko are working, maybe also on some recordings.

Also Kytäjä have something cooking, mellow down easy.

Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo are on some great new Sahalahti punk rock tunes.

The Goodnight Monsters are planning something for 2012. In the meantime they are definitely connected to The New Tigers - a noisy pop debut to love: Following to the CD of early recordings we offer at our Bone Shop, they gonna have a proper recording on Nick Triani's new Soliti label in fall 2011

Still  fresh: 22-Pistepirkko. "Lime Green DeLorean"

Finally news from our Norwegian neighbours: Yoyoyo Acapulco, world's best Ukulele Pop band have revived their fabulous 4-track machine for your listening pleasure...stay tuned

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What else do we like right now? We recommend to check out KasKas, nice quartet from Helsinki. We have full sympathy for the king of thunder, Zoomonk. Then electropop of Zebra and Snake, which features Matti A of the other nice duo called Los Fuegos Artificiales. They might have a break right now. His partner here is Sannalina, who is also working with Antero Lindgren another fav. Anti Alanko, who also did the cover of the latest Goodnight Monsters has a moody electro Duo, Push Button MusicThen there's this big masked strong man, who wears Micragirls this summer, Black Peider. And if you have a chance to see The Lariots live rocking some garage go and see them. Far out is Vuk riding her pump-organ to bewitched LaLa lands (live often accompanied by Janne of Kytäjä on drums).  You see there's a lot in Finland to check, and there is more not mentioned here yet