22-Pistepirkko entament un tournée

Lime Red DeLoreavan

The "Lime Green DeLorean" (new 22pp album) is ready mixed and at the mastering studio. Now 22-Pistepirkko are just loading stuff in some DeloreaVan for a short visit to Holland, Belgium and France, joined by You/Me for the first time in Western Europe. 

10.02.11 NL-Amsterdam, Bitterzoet (tickets)
11.02.11 BE-Arlon, L'Entrepot  (tickets)
12.02.11 BE-Bruxelles, Le Botanique (tickets)
15.02.11 FR-Nimes, CSCS Valdegour
16.02.11 FR-Besancon, La Rodia (tickets)
17.02.11 FR-Paris, Batofar (tickets)
19.02.11 FR-Brest, Le Vauban
20.02.11 FR-Vendome, La Chapelle (tickets)

Also on 18.02. in BrestVernissage of the Exhibition with Asko's drawings and You/Me performing, at the gallery of Ecole supérieure d'arts de Brest, starting 18:00.