My Bee's Garden, dreampop from Paris

My Bee's Garden Melody Prochet

Fresh from our Kitchen Music Departement: "... tantalizing electric-groove-tastic rhythms coupled with Melody Prochet's velvet larynx..." My Bee's Garden is an english singing band from Paris and the project of Melody Prochet (shoegazing on the roof). Amongst their fans and supporters from outside of France are (besides us) Grizzly Bear or hypno-groove hipsters Tame Impala. Latter band have just asked My Bee's Garden to join their European tour as special guest in early November, shortly before the debut album "Hunt The Sleeper" gonna be released (12.11., France 15.11)

My Bee's Garden - On Tour with Tame Impala

30.10. FR-Turcoing, Le Grand Mix
01.10. FR-Paris, La Maroquinerie
03.11. BE-Bruxelles, Botanique
04.11. GER-Cologne, Gebaeude 9
05.11. CH-Zurich, Mascotte
06.11. CH-Lausanne, Le Romandie
08.11. AT-Wien, B72
09.11. GER-Munich, 59:1
11.11. GER-Hamburg, Beatlemania

If you are in bands in the vein of Stereolab, Pram, Grizzly Bear, Au Revoir Simone and alike this here is for  you. You friends of Neo-psychedelic, Electroshoegazesongs, of a certain French touch, you  should follow this invitation to visit her Garden. Over there and together with some friends she has seeded some fascinating plants.

Following a long serial of Melody's participation in various bands and recordings, which hardly anybody outside of France will know, "Hunt The Sleeper" is her own debut. Her soft voice is a gateway to atmospheric, ethereal and intriguing songs, which seldom take a predictable path. Like the flight of the insect, which gave name to her garden, the sounds appear shimmering here and there, but will
reveal their naturally given route finally.

This is sunshine pop just before the storm arouses.

Listen to their Grizzly Bear Cover of "Cheerleader" (not on the album)

(you can also download from this player, just click the arrow on the right)

My Bee's Garden on myspace

My Bee's Garden cover
CD / LP (white vinyl) out in Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria 12.11.2010
(15.11. France)

01 Lone Wolf's Home   (3:18)
02 Alison    (2:54)
03 Favorite Lion    (3:07)
04 Les memes Histoires   ( 2:53)
05 The Noise it Makes    (4:04)
06 Bud and Deanie    (3:48)
07 Hunt the Sleeper   (3:19)
08 Sailor Mood    (2:10)
09 All of A Sudden    (2:43)
10 Half Asleep    (3:35)

All songs written, composed, recorded and produced by Melody Prochet and
Axel Concato
Mixed by Maxime Le Guil at studios Plus XXX and La Fabrique
Mastering by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering
Cover design by Hector de la Vallee (see more of his drawings) and Guillaume Grall