Yoyoyo Acapulco

Sloppy pop, we like. This here also got labeled New Wave Folk. Anti-Folk.

Yoyoyo Acapulco

Yoyoyo Acapulco - a new favorite band - from Gausdal/Norway. They have great songs, kind of relaxed folk pop, wrapped up by ukulele, casio, glockenspiel, kazoo, dry-wooden bassriffs, loose drumming and more homegrown noises. It makes a pretty unique sound, while you feel familiar with the tunes very quickly. Following 3 sold out 7"s they've just released their debut album entitled "The Pleumeleuc Experience" on kitchen. We're happy to release this for Germany,Switzerland and Austria May,28. And soon in Scandinavia and Benelux. Or you get it from our Bone Shop.

Yoyoyo Acapulco at myspace, at facebook

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