Young Man - Boy

We are happy to have released a wonderful debut today, for now just for Germany (via Kitchen/Bone Voyage/Cargo - and Bone Shop). Beautiful bedroom dreampop by 21 year old Colin Caulfield aka Young Man from Chicago. Colin Caulfield aka Young Man
The Young Man has started off just recently with doing covers from bands like Animal Collective, Beach House, Deerhunter, videotaped them and posted it to his YouTube channel. Deerhunter have been highly impressed by his version of "Rainwater Cassette Exchange" and have posted the "mysterious YouTuber" to their blog. This got Young Man a first wave of attention, which was followed soon by exciting and encouraging reactions for his own songs. Hear for yourself:

get MP3 of "Just A Growin" Original and 2 remixes at I Guess I'm Floating

album fully streamed on soundcloud 


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