Something's cookin' : Bone Voyage mingle with Kitchen Music


 Kitchen music logo

Ouwee! Oui! - recently Bone Voyage have teamed up with cool French label Kitchen music, due to help and support each other on a local base with the release, promotion and marketing of their roster and albums.

While Kitchen Music with successful releases like of french band Coming Soon has a very  good name and reputation in France, Bone Voyage, which as of yet have released bands from Finland only, is broadening it’s roster and gonna look into the Kitchen releases for Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Now with the new cooperation Bone Voyage is planning additionally with  3 album releases in the first half of 2010:

Young Man - "Boy" to be released 30.04.*
Debut by a young singer/songwriter from Chicago – dreamy, melodic and minimalistic  bedroom pop with traces from Beach Boys to Velvet Underground to Animal Collective to Fleet Foxes. This music is able to excite even the overstimulated web 2.0 music consumer.

YoYoYo Acapulco - "The Pleumeleuc Experience" 28.05.*
Debut album after 4 self-released 7”singles from an outstanding Ukulele Pop band from Norway, 2 men and 2 women produce highly entertaining and uplifting kind of new wave folk music and some great videos on the way.  

Coming Soon - "Ghost Train Tragedy" 30.08.*
Exceptional french band with various Singers singing in english. Age ranges from 16 to 27. And similar wide is their musical influence. They’ve been in the “Juno” soundtrack with Kymya Dawson, before they named their band (finally after a misinterpretation of a fax to a local promoter). Sold over 15.000 copies in France alone, which is remarkable when you consider their style and eclectic mix.  Just great

and new in the second half of the year:

My Bee's Garden - "Hunt The Sleeper" 15.11.*
Dreampop from Paris, a first album by the project of Melody Prochet and her friends.  

more infos soon, in the meantime see videoclips of kitchen artists at our Youtube Bone Voyage channel