Micragirls open a cookbook compilation

We are fans of good food and of The Micragirls.
So good things are coming together here.

book cover hirscheneck

The nice people of Hirscheneck venue (Basel/Switzerland) are celebrating their 30th anniversary with a  proper heavy hard cover book full of tasty recipes, a collection from their menu card throughout the years. As Hirscheneck is not only famous for their dishes but also for being a great live venue those nice people added a CD to the cookbook, a collection from their concert calendars. One of their favorites are The Micragirls, so their steamin' "Teenage Tiger" is the starting song of the compilation. Along with The Micragirls they choosed bands like Stereo Total, Fuck, Dead Moon, Les Sheriff or Boxhamsters.
The book is entitled "Hirscheneck - Zu Hause essen" is in german language, hardcover, 19 track CD, publ. by F.Reinhardt Verlag, Basel.