09.09.09 : garage trash fest time in Finland with The Micragirls' new album

micragirls rovaniemi dancehall

"Summer Is Gone" soon, so we are happy to confirm that the we have set a date for this

The Micragirls, the marvellous drum-organ-guitar-trio, did the 'Wild Girl Walk' at the Altai Studio, Helsinki (with noisepunknig Pentti Dassum on the mix and 22PP's Asko on the coffee machine)

If you like your sound wild and raw, primitive and ramshackle, blaring out of tiny micra-car speakers, all windows rolled down for fresh northern wind in the face, then this is for you.

Risu keeps good beats rolling on and on, jumps and stomps even if the skins are ripped apart. Kata's organ keeps flying loops through the garage not puzzled when her old Rocket smells funny and burned while Mari's guitar trashes and cuts it's way , sharp like a cutlass in the jungle, through the orgiastic happening of yells and screams.

And in the turmoil of speedy noise once in a while you will be wrapped up for a recovery in the silky backdrop of darker moments, sweet and twanging micra-ballads. The only cover in the 12 song collection,  "Funnel Of Love", gives a hint from which era the 3 Ladies from Kuopio once draw their influences from.

Sure, their own stuff is still running on 60s fuel, but is so much now and their own. Heavy Trash friend Jon Spencer from NY together with Matt Verta-Ray joined for "Out Of Tune" vocals. Well,... what can we say..."Girls go Crazy". They even dare to do an "Electric Chair Twist". Disturbing? Micragirls turned on the switch. Really cool, no - really hot Bone Voyage release this fall.

Wild Girl Walk (CD) BONE-0152 / (Vinyl) BONE-0151

Finland: 09.09.09. via playground distribution / elsewhere November 09