The Altai Studios

The ALTAI-Studios in Helsinki was set up freshly by the band this year and is already in full bloom. Quickly it became the main facility for upcoming Bone Voyage recordings. Recordings which are in the making:
- 22-Pistepirkko have just finished the recording session for their upcoming new album with american producer KRAMER at band's own Altai-studio in Helsinki. The final mix and mastering happens in Florida, USA at Kramers studio. The new 22-Pistepirkko album is planned for an early 2008 release on their Bone Voyage label. KRAMER as an outstanding musician, studio-owner, producer, label-owner (Shimmy Disc) has been working with bands like Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Urge Overkill, Ween, Butthole Surfers a.m.o.
- Goodnight Monsters producing the follow up to their debut together with Petteri Rajanti.
- Joensuu 1685 (young trio, formerly Autopilot) have started the recordings for a debut album together with Leo Fourastié and Asko Keränen
- Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo just recorded new songs and demoes as the duo they are now.
- Tuomari Nurmio started to record with his drummer as Judge Bone & Doc Hill a new set of songs sung in english, together with Pentti Dassum on the desk.
photos of the studio built-up and recordings can be seen on 22-Pistepirkko's Photo Gallery
update spring 2010:
ouwee - above was typed sept 2007. time is flying. in the meantime all those above mentioned albums are out there, somewhere. Maybe you even own one of them. Then there was also The Micragirls' "Wild Girl Walk" finished at Altai. And some more. And some more remodelling of the rooms.
Right now 22-Pistepirkko is back, working on 40+ songs and a new album due to get released this year.
Stay tuned...
(props to Léo Fourastiér, Pentti Dassum, Jaako Kujala and all the others who've been working there, and have helped in several ways to breath some live into this place and still do.)