YLVA - new electronica project from the North

What we have to offer here is electronica and ethnic...You'll see, it's a Nordic affair
Project is called YLVA, started by 22-Pistepirkko keyboarder/bassist Asko Keränen, around a joint Lapland tour, where he met his fellows Niillas Holmberg, the Sami Singer/songwriter and awarded author, as well as the Finnish Jazz trumpet player Antero Priha. Asko has been using Figure App on his iPhone as the only source due to produce the track basis for YLVA. Later the trio added the Swedish producer Stefan Kvarnström due to push up the mixes. "Weeo" is their debut single.

"Weeo" 2-track available at Beatport / iTunes / Spotify / Deezer / etc..


Although Ylva was meant to become rather a loose recording project, they've also had their first live stints, very well received:. In Helsinki, at Márkomeannu Festival together with artist activists Suohpanterror, in September in Berlin at the Sami Contemporary Night or in Norway/Tromsö at Insomnia Festival. A full album is in preparation for 2016.