Release in Stereo: 15.02./ 21.02.

A few months ago, we shared the wonderful fact that Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo end their musical hiatus and come up with a new album and  concerts. Today, we return with the good news about the release date. The album is entitled Stereo 8000,  same like they call their Duo from now on, and will be available 21.02. in all the good record stores in Finland  

A week earlier, on 15.02. you could already get a copy from Maria or Anssi personally, when the Sahalahti Tandem will play and party the release in Helsinki's finest Bar Loose. If you are not in Helsinki, don't worry. Sooner or  later they gonna stop by near you, eg. on the following live dates (together with Panssarijuna) 14.03. Turku, Dynamo  / 15.03.Tampere,Telakka / 17.04. Helsinki, LeBonk
and there are more in preperation: