"Catch Catch" 30.08. Mushmouthed Talk Album out in Finland


Following to "Baywatch Babys", "Catch Catch" is not a single*, but just the opening song of Mushmouthed Talk's "Foggy Notion" album, which is about to hit the stores in Finland. The Band gonna throw a party in their hometown Oulu, 30.08. and the name of the place is quite suitable: "Never Grow Old" (a.k.a. NGO or Reggae Bar), see facebook. Good for their party mood is the first feedback from Finish press:
Helsingin Sanomat 4/5 , Desibeli 4/5 , Rumba 5/5
. We are glad that they are diggin'it

Mushmouthed Talk review at Rumba

*"Baywatch Babys" can be downloaded for free as a 3-track single from here