Baywatch Babys - new Single by Mushmouthed Talk

Dry heat, Summer gets dirtier. We have some Elephant Sex here on "Baywatch Babys"

"Baywatch Babys" is the first single from the upcoming Mushmouthed Talk album "Foggy Notion" (30.08. / Bone shop pre-order). You can download for free a 3-track here at bandcamp page. This download comes with 2 more non-album-tracks as bonus, earlier recordings with cool names/references in their titles: "Chuck D" and "We Both Like Motörhead".

The video for "Baywatch Babies" is edited/directed straight outta the media trashcan by Konsta Koivisto, young artist/musician, who is also in the band The Scenes.

Mushmouthed Talk live at QStock Festival Oulu: 27.07. (20:00h)