Our favourite beach: Talmud Beach

Summer creeps on. Another Bone summer topic is Talmud Beach.
Some of the Finns here might know well what this is all about. Others might think of a hidden bathing bay, but actually it is an active road band from Finland: Three bearded man do the Boogie-Zen. Ultra-relaxed and highly original. Sparse, gentle and to the bone. Somebody of Kuudes Aisti recently wrote this:

"People have been adding stupid shit to blues for ages. Like fringe jackets, cowboy boots and jackets with Joan Collins style shoulder pads. The result is yuppie blues or stupid macho redneck blues. Generally music by people who have lost sight of the fact that you can be serious about your music and not necessarily take yourself seriously 100% of the time. Talmud Beach doesn't add a thing. Nothing extra. Hobo Don’t Mind A Little Rain' is probably the best blues made in Finland since 22-Pistepirkko's 'Don’t Say I’m So Evil'."

We are touched by their music and excited to release the selftitled debut album of Talmud Beach on Bone Voyage Recordings quite soon. Stay tuned. More soon. (There's some Mushmouthed Talk about Baywatch Babies around)