They are back

It's a little bit early to spill the beans, but there are a few things you might wanna hear.

Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo become Stereo 8000

Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo are preparing for a new album. They are ending their musical hiatus, which was heavily filled with successful family and art matters (eg. Fennica prize for Anssi Kasitonni, international exhibitions and film screenings, art DVD and book releases) Now, one of the first things they did, while dusting off their instruments. They got a new band name: STEREO 8000. The former was a bit long and difficult to handle. Moreover Anssi said: "I wanted to give Maria a bigger role in the music and that´s why I also want that she appears first in our name." Since this was clear, beginning of September, they jam us with demo recordings of new songs and we are very excited about those. We plan to start recording session at our renovated Altai Studio already within this year. Then we see...

What else? Goodnight Monsters. No new demos from their side yet, but at least they've just logged in to facebook with a new account, join here. They haven' changed the bandname after hiatus, but the line-up. The founding duo Matti Jasu and Valtteri Virtanen decided to walk on different musical paths. You probably have heard of Valtteri's noisy pop band The New Tigers. Following to an EP (a very cool one, happy to have a few copies at BoneShop) they've released their debut album through Soliti. And are even about to finish their sophomore album. in the meantime also Matti Jasu kept going with his band Matti Jasu & The Loose Train. Just recently he selfreleased a wonderful  country tinged psychedelic guitar rock album, entitled "Samurai vs. The Computer" (?). get it from their bandcamp.

What else? You/Me give final final touches to a newly recorded single. Maybe there will be a video, too. More soon...

What else? 22-Pistepirkko."Downhill City -  original soundtrack" released in 1999 between their official studio albums "Eleven" and "Rally Of Love". Only little marketed outside of Germany back then, this is a gem perhaps a bit overlooked within their discography. It's a wonderful, loose album of great moods, songs and dynamics. Now available digitally from 22 bandcamp and CD from BoneShop. Also on fresh at BoneShop: a new/old poster "Cannes 007" and of course "The Singles" Boxset