Big Lupu Vinyl

Currently we are working on getting Big Lupu out as # 03 of our 22-Pistepirkko vinyl re-issue serial. Release is planned December 07., 2012.
Now on pre-sale from BoneShop

A Side: 1. Bubblegum Couple /  2. Don't Say I'm So Evil / 3. Household Affairs / 4. Tired Of Being Drunk / 5. Birdy / 6. I'm Right // B Side: 1. Crippled And Blind Blues / 2. Texacoson / 3. Papa / 4. Swamp Blues / 5. All Night Café / 6. She's So Shy / 7. Hawk Walk

Originally released in 1992 this album is considered their early Magnus Opus, an ambitious peculiar pop album... Firmly rooted in rock and roll, blues, country rock at the outset, the trio have poured over these solid foundations their most adventurous cocktail of musical genres to that date, bringing off a highly dynamic set of sounds. From raging horns on "Swamp Blues" (conducted by Jimi Tenor) to the singing birds in "Birdy". You will find traces of Suicide minimalism, Pere Ubu synths, Stooges riffs, Bo Didley beats played on tablas, ashtmaticdensed rhythms and clouds of Chanson. Nevertheless this album is far from being quirky. Their eclecticism is never odd for odd's sake. There's a big heart beating there. Real songs with warmth and feelings, interpreted with their specific imagination to an outstanding result. Rewind and Enjoy.