Into The Wilderness

New on Bone Voyage Recordings is the Finnish electro-folk-pop band Burning Hearts. On April 27, we will release their new album "Extinctions" in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Benelux countries, under license from Solina Records, who put it out in February for Finland/Scandinavia. In the USA Shelflife Records, who had already released the duo's debut album "Aboa Sleeping" in 2009, is taking care of it. A first record release party/concert in Germany is booked for Hamburg: 05.05. "Hit The North" @ Zentrale (Thaliatheater)

As a first teaser see/listen to "Into The Wilderness", of which Tim Sendra wrote for allmusic: "...the kind of loping, spooky tune that any band from New Order on would have been glad to have written..."