It's a box, baby. 22-Pistepirkko The Singles plus

There have been rumours about it.  Now we can tell it's almost there.
5 CDs 1 DVD see release October 19. 2012

front cover 22-Pistepirkko Box set

This is the front of the upcoming Box Set, entitled. "The Singles".
It will have: all The Singles and all the B-sides on 3 CDs. From yesterday to now. It's so much now, that we have included the not released yet "Storm Radio" song.
There gonna be 2 more CDs with live material all along the way. And on top of it 1 DVD, which is an updated and expanded version of the long gone VHS tape "Off Road Manual". all the band's available videoclips, some TV and some live excerpts. Sure, there's also a booklet. You can pre-order at our BoneShop and see tracklist there


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