The Art of Anssi Kasitonni - now is the time

You happen to spend one or more winter days in Helsinki? uuh...
Go and see something, which should brighten up your mood easily:

Anssi Kasitonni (aka. ANSSI 8000), winner of the 2011 Ars Fennica prize, get exhibited by
Amos Anderson Art Museum, 18.11. - 30.01. see here for info

 Anssi Kasitonni

For the suitable soundtrack to walk this space get yourself some Anssi 8000 + Maria Stereo music on your MP3player.

And when back at home you could read the book "2011 - Anssi Kasitonni" they've published
or watch the  DVD "Anssi Kasitonni : Lobster Love From The Deep" a collection of his marvelous shortfilms from 2001 to 2011.

Not in Helsinki? You can still check the greatness, buy online:
- the DVD here at AV-ARKKI (19,-€, scrolldown for english description)
- the ARTBOOK here at ARS FENNICA (40,-€)
- the MUSIC here at Boneshop or MP3s e.g at iTunes

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