Aug. 10th: 22-Pistepirkko live at YOUR home

22-Pistepirkko play a show for the www, the wild world web
August 10, 8pm/20:00 Helsinki time 22-Pistepirkko live concert from the studio
Get your ticket here
We are trying out something new, dedicated to those people, who haven't had the chance yet to hop on one of those live dates, which we are posting here or there. 22-Pistepirkko gonna play a live concert in an intimate Helsinki recording studio, filmed and broadcasted live by a new webservice from Finland, named Jenkatehdas.
Jenkatehdas is a virtual venue, an internet rock club.
Like with real venues, there is

a date set, - August10.2011

an entrance fee - 5,00 Euro

and a stage time - 20:00 helsinki time

They promise to have a good sound system, and they have 3 proper cameras operating,
(instead of 30 cell phone cameras producing blury and blasting youtube snippets).

They don't have a bar, so what you gonna drink is up to you. Same if you want to smoke or not.  You can invite friends to your house, as many as you have and fit in. They say, you can even interact and ask the band questions. Just get your ticket and  switch on in time. Concert start in Helsinki time 20:00/8pm.
So if you are in Seattle (then it's 10am PDT), Buenos Aires (2pm ART), Johannesburg (7pm SAST) or Hong Kong (Aug. 11., 1am HKT) it might be quite early or late. (But, hey, we still remember those times when we got up in the middle of the night and gathered in front of a black and white TV set due to see Muhammed Ali vs. Frazier in Zaire or Armstrong walking on the moon. You see how old we are and how new this here is to us.) Ok -Jenkatehdas is new as well - let's try and meet online for a unique moment:
Jenkatehdas crew have already set up the site where you can register (first)  and get your ticket for 5,- euro here (credit card payment)

see here for their FAQ  

concert starts Wed. Aug 10th 2011, 8pm/20:00 Helsinki Time
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