Joik, Jazz, and Telephone Techno:

Ylva Sami horn womanYLVA is a Nordic Affair, where old and new, nature and concrete, electronica and ethnical shake hands, initiated by 4 different people from different nordic regions and very different musical backgrounds.

YLVA is based on freedom. They met during a joint music tour through Lapland/Samiland, where inbetween the gigs in those remote small villages one might enjoy freedom in nature. And it’s been in this nature where the seeds for YLVA have been planted. There’s the freedom of Joik, an integral part of Sami culture. Then there is freedom tp cooperate from various locations, provided through modern technology, where just music bits and pieces travel back and forth. And finally the freedom of letting the tracks become whatever they want to be. .

YLVA got started by 22-Pistepirkko keyboarder/bassist Asko Keränen. He's always been interested and open minded to technical gadgets he could play around with,  Asko's been using Figure on his iPhone as the only source due to produce the track basis for YLVA.

He passed those on to Antero Priha, a friend and well known known Finnish Jazzmusician/trumpet player to add some jazzy trumpet. He teamed up with Sami Singer/Songwriter, actor, awarded poet Niillas Holmberg, who felt inspired through Asko's Figure App tracks to re-explore for him the Yoik/Joik singing tradition of his Sami people.

Alltogether they’ve met first on a joint music tour through Lapland, but it took the internet to bring them together as YLVA. Finally, as tracks where blooming quickly in a special direction another friend from Malmö got involved: Stefan Kvarnström, producer/ engineer, who Asko knew from his works at Swedish Tambourine Studios, was taking care of the final mix and production.

Niillas recalls; “I was at Antero's place when we recorded on Asko's loops. I had never heard them before. Antero played them and after 10 seconds I started improvising. Few months later, when Stefan started sending his mixes, I didn't even remember what I had done. Everything seemed new, as if done by someone else. Some yoikers say that they are just channelizing them, not inventing them. The yoiks are already there. So, I could say that these yoiks were something I heard in Asko's loops.“

Funny enough and to add to the Nordic affair aspect, Figure App is developed by a company from Sweden, Propellerheads. And if some out there might wonder about the track titles, be asured it’s not Sami language, but the Figure App generates “song titles” automatically, and for most they just kept those.

On their upcoming selftitled debut album there are two tracks with lyrics, songs to speak: “Lipn” has a poem in english by Niilas. Roryda” features young Sami Rapper Ailu Valle with a concious rap in Sami language.

The selftitled Ylva debut album is due to release through Bone Voyage Recordings in 2016.
YLVA is Niillas Holmberg (vocals/yolk), Asko Keränen (iPhone with Figure App / loops), Stefan Kvarnström (electronics/mix), Antero Priha (trumpet).