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Postcard EP is a debut of two soulmates from the north of Finland. Like two falling stars crossing ways and gravitation set them on a common trajectory, Kati Salo and Asko Keränen share a dream and have started this quiet adventure. The musical result is a delicate, sparse electro-acoustic duet, combining indie pop with folk to interstellar clouds of intimate beauty.


It happened in Helsinki in summer 2014. Kati Salo, originally from Haparanda area, Lapland in the far north at the border to Sweden is a rising voice in Folk. Nevertheless it took her 15 years of playing her music live to record and release her debut album in 2014.

Only a few hundred kilometers direction south, but still in the far north of Finland is Utajärvi. The village where Asko Keränen,  together with his brother PK and friend Espe Haverinen have founded 22-Pistepirkko, 35 years ago. This extraordinary band became a Finnish underground rock institution, with a small but dedicated international following.

It's been that summer of 2014 when the trio - based in Helsinki since years, like Kati - were working on a new album, which finally never got finished. The trio just decided to make a break…

Since some time Asko was keen to broaden his own musical expressions. He's been known as the wild bassist and keyboarder of 22-Pistepirkko, leaving the vocals to his brother or to drummer Espe. But while writing song material for the band he wanted to gain selfconfidence with his singing voice, as well as using the guitar more and more.  Rather than piling up skills and techniques his focus has always been on finding his own voice.

Meeting Kati Salo with her gentle but firm vocals, might have triggered the idea that this could grow better with her as a duet partner. For Kati meeting Asko has probably opened new directions as well. His input as an adventureous DIY musician/producer with his distinctive perspective on pop draws her off more common americana-/country-paved folk roads.

kati salo asko keraenen postcard ep

So they’ve tried, and it wasn’t hard at all. They wrote songs together, started first home recordings and soon have played in cafes, bars and galleries in Finland, Denmark and Germany. Now we are receiving a first postcard from their trip. A four song debut, recorded at home. And there’s more to come…

Postcard EP is our first eco-friendly release. The only physical thing you'll get - only from the duo's merch - is a postcard. This has a personalized download code handwritten on the back, which you can redeem.

If they are not playing near you you could always download the 4 song EP either from here or you'll find it on those portals like iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, etc. from 19.02.2016